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Here at Little Minimalist we’ve been busy behind the scenes making plans. 

As a mom and full-time shop owner, I have been challenged in the past year by the ever changing sales market, social media landscape, and a feeling of being out of alignment with my original vision. 

Since the birth of Little Minimalist, my style has changed, and I no longer felt like I was aligned with what I was selling. My kids wanted more colour, and so did I! I’ve shifted the way I shopped, and have been steadily moving away from the neutral palette and into a more playful aesthetic. It feels right - and so we are going to make some changes to be more in alignment with a ‘bright’ future for Little Minimalist. Think Minimal, made fun! 

Let’s be honest, 2023 was a hard year for many small business owners - myself included. It has been a struggle to say the least, discouraging and stressful on so many levels. With social content not being seen, declining sales and a very disappointing Black Friday,  I was at a cross roads, and decided it was time to make some real changes. I toyed with the idea of selling or partnering, but in discussions, it never felt quite right. I took a step back from Little Minimalist and stepped into a new role helping my dads business to bring in more income in for my family. I dove head first into that new job, which meant I stopped looking for new brands  (this is actually my favourite part of being a shop owner), and put Little Minimalist on the back burner while I figured out what I would do next. 

And now I have exciting news! I have decided it’s time to rebrand, so we will be starting fresh, with updated branding, a new site, and new brands to love. And I could not be more excited about it! You are going to love what’s to come for our little shop. 


So, what can you expect? 

A fresh new website

New branding

A playful new vibe

Focus on kids 2Y-10Y

Downsizing slightly to carry fewer items per skew

New exciting brands +  bringing back our old favourites


Returning Brands 

The Campamento

Beach & Bandits


Zulu & Zephyr


Disana (Fall AW24)

Engel Natur (AW24)


Tiny Trove

Twin Collective

Fini. The Label

Atilla & Co


Mini Kyomo


New Grain

Rad River 


Stay tuned

Watch out for launch details coming soon, and shop everything now at 50% off while we make space for NEW!


With love, 



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