Restocks in December!

Posted by Emily Morrice on

Restocks are probably more exciting than bringing in a new brand because we know we're bringing back things that you love because you've told us and shown us! We take a chance when we bring in any brand or product, and it's so rewarding when our customers love these items as much as we do. 

Back in the Shop this Week

Mallino Waffle Blankets are back! The coziest blankets for your baby, your home, your children, and yourself are restocked in all of our favourite hues. We think it's the impeccable blend of 58% Cotton and 42% Linen that makes these blankets so perfect for every temperature and occasion. 

Moonie Humming Bears are also restocked, just in time for Christmas! These precious bears are every baby's (and parent's) best friend. Doubling as a night light and comforting source of natural pink noise, Moonie's ensure children a calm and peaceful sleep with nothing artificial. The heartbeat sound is a real recording of the hum inside a mom's belly and the sea waves you hear are of the Baltic Sea. 

There's a reason the Moonie Bears and Mallino Blankets flew off the shelf after our first order and we're delighted to have them both back in the shop!

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