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Baby 100x140cm Duvet Insert | Wool
Baby 100x140cm Duvet Insert | Wool
Baby 100x140cm Duvet Insert | Wool
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Baby 100x140cm Duvet Insert | Wool

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Cocoon Company

Wool duvet in the highest quality. 100% natural and untreated merino wool. 100% free of harmful chemicals.

Research has shown that both children and adults sleep better in wool than other traditional sleeping products. An excellent alternative to a silk duvet, which has some of the same good properties. A wool duvet is great for regulating the temperature around the body, as merino wool is an active fiber that responds to changes in body temperature.

This duvet measures 100×140 cm


Our merino wool products are 100% natural. We have neither used chemicals during the production nor mixed our natural materials with synthetic fibers.


Get an enchanting night’s sleep due to merino wools amazing temperature-regulating and moisture-absorbing properties. Merino wool is not only great for clothes, but also for sleeping products!


House dust mites and bacteria can’t live in merino wool due to its high content of lanolin. Also, the soft organic cotton cover is woven so highly that mites can’t penetrate the fabric.


We have chosen to use wool from Merino sheep, who lives freely in Spain’s mountains. They produce a longer wool due to the colder climate. Choosing a longer wool makes our products airier, more breathable and better temperature-regulating.

When choosing wool suppliers, it is not only the quality of the merino wool that is important, but also that the wool is produced on the terms of the animals. Thus, we only use wool from Merino sheep who lives freely, is cut in a proper and fair manner and sheep that are not subject to mulesing.


Merino wool is a fantastic fiber that contains unique properties that is worth taking care of. Merino wool has a natural substance of lanolin which makes wool self-cleaning and antibacterial. That is also why wool never smells and therefor it very rarely that you need to clean your merino wool product – if at all! We recommend:

  • That you air your wool product regularly in fresh air to keep its structure and volume.
  • That you only stain wash if possible.
  • That you only dry clean if you would like a more thorough cleaning of your product