Teddy Wool Slippers | Bark
Teddy Wool Slippers | Bark
Teddy Wool Slippers | Bark
Teddy Wool Slippers | Bark

Teddy Wool Slippers | Bark

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Size 29/30

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Some sizes have the new ECO sole, and some sizes have the sole in the photos.  Please email before placing an order if you're specific on your sole type.

100% Mulesing Free wool

Ethically Made in Poland


EUR 21/22 | US 5.5 | approx 14cm (length of exterior sole)

EUR 25/26 | US 6.5-7.5 | approx 15cm (length of exterior sole)

EUR 27/28 | US 8-9.5 | approx 16cm (length of exterior sole)

EUR 29/30 | US 10.5-11 | approx 17cm (length of exterior sole)

EUR 31/32 | US 11.5-12 | approx 18cm (length of exterior sole)

EUR 33/34 | US 12.5-13 | approx 20cm (length of exterior sole)



It is best to wash wool as little as possible. Wool is self-cleaning. Wool fibres have an extraordinary surface that rejects dirt particles, as well as bad odors and sweat and stops them from entering the fibres. Airing is often enough to remove the dirt particles from the surface and to make the woolen article hygienically clean.

We advise you to hand wash all your Alwero articles as they are made from natural, untreated wool. Machine wash at your own risk as shrinkage is possible and can even destroy items if you are not careful.

It’s best to hand wash in your bathroom’s sink. It has the right volume and an ergonomic working height. You also need a mild wool shampoo or a natural baby shampoo. Wash with Luke warm water (25 Degrees), add the wool shampoo and mixer into the water, then add the woollen item to be washed.


Alwero has been specializing in teddy / plush clothing made of 100% wool. The advantage of teddy plush is that it feels fluffy and bulky, more than normal knitted woolen clothing. Teddy plush feels like fur, but it is NOT because the bottom is knitted fabric and not skin. Another advantage of teddy plush wool is that it sheds less than knitted wool.

Alwero only buys its wool from humanitarian sources. The brand has full supplier declarations and ensures that all products are made from "mulesing-free" wool