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Junior 140x200cm Duvet Insert | Maize
Junior 140x200cm Duvet Insert | Maize
Junior 140x200cm Duvet Insert | Maize
Junior 140x200cm Duvet Insert | Maize
$329.00 CAD

Junior 140x200cm Duvet Insert | Maize


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Spoil your child and our nature with a 100% sustainable maize fiber duvet.

Our maize comforter is very light and fluffy like a regular down and feather duvet.

Very comfortable due to the fiber’s excellent temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties.

Medium warm and perfect for all-seasons.

This one measures 140x200cm

100% organically certified cotton – 100% free of harmful chemicals – 0% worries

Our Amazing Maize fiber duvet for junior is filled with our innovative and sustainable maize fiber. The fiber is made by 100% reusable and naturally degradable resources without any kind of chemicals. With a maize fiber duvet your child will get a lovely sleep due to maize’s excellent moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties. The soft cover is made by 100% organic certified cotton and is woven so tightly that house dust mites can’t penetrate the fabric. Spoil your child with good conscience because you have not only done something good for your child but also for our nature.

The fiber is made from maize without any use of chemicals. The soft cover is made by 100% organic certified cotton.


Be aware that it is not necessary to wash your Amazing Maize product before use since no chemicals or pesticides have been used under the cultivation and production. To take good care of your Amazing Maize product we recommend:

  • That you air your product regularly to maintain the fiber structure and to ensure a healthy sleeping environment.
  • That you only wash your product if needed and at 30 degrees.  Also, at a low spinning to prevent fiber entanglement, but if the problem occurs, they are easy to pull apart.
  • That you dry your product in the dryer with low heat and dryer balls to reduce drying time and to make sure that the fibers are gently moved around. Do not use tennis balls since they will damage the fiber.
  • That you wash your Amazing Maize product with a chemical free and gentle detergent, to be gentle to both your product and to the environment.