Organic Terry Frotté Wool Footed Pyjamas | Natural

Organic Terry Frotté Wool Footed Pyjamas | Natural

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Lovely and warm pyjama overall from Cosilana. The pyjamas are made of organic terry wool frotté and is soft, flexible and comfortable for your baby. Wool frotté is structurally similar to terry cloth; it contains small loops and is elastic and smooth.


Runs large


Made of 100% Organic Terry Wool


Wool fleece does not have to be washed often. Wool wax in the wool fiber repels dirt. If you do wash, please hand wash at 30°C. The garment can be cleaned by hand in cold or lukewarm water. Avoid temperature fluctuations of the water, nor wring or rub to prevent shrinkage and fouling. Caution: Do not use chemical detergent but eco detergent that keeps the wool fiber and wax intact.