Wool Fleece Hooded Jacket | Grey

Wool Fleece Hooded Jacket | Grey

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Size 74/80 | 6-12M

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Engel's organic thick wool fleece is soft and cozy- an essential item for fall and winter.  Thick and warm, your baby will stay comfortable and dry in this fleece overall.  An excellent alternative to synthetic polyester fleece.  

Made by Engel, this sweater is made of 100% organic virgin wool fleece.  This wool is finely crimped, does not itch and feels soft and cozy against baby's sensitive skin.  The Merino sheep are organically raised without the use of pesticides on neither pastures nor animals.

100% organic Merino Wool

Wool garments are naturally antibacterial and do not retain dirt or odors quickly, so you do not need to wash this garment frequently.  Woollens are best washed with a wool shampoo by hand and with cold water (water shouldn't be ice cold as it can shock fibers as well). Hang to dry. 

The wool fleece line by Engel is very generously sized and we do not recommend to size up on these items. 

The numeric size refers to the body height in centimetres. This means items in size 50/56 are suitable for babies with a maximum body height of 56 cm.

Made in Germany